CTO Advisor 053 - The Rise of AI with Val Bercovici

On this week's podcast Keith and Mark are joined by Val Bercovici. Val is the former CTO of NetApp Solidfire. Val has been a thought leader in IT infrastructure for a very long time. Val left his role of CTO for AI startup Peritus.AI. We discuss the major factors in IT Infrastructure that prompted Val to make such a bold career move. We also discuss the impact of AI on IT infrastructure teams and the role of IT vendors moving forward. 

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Pivotal Developer Ready Infrastructure - CTO Advisor 052

The theme at Dell EMC World 2017 was all about the realizing business value from the digital transformation. At the conference, Mark and I had a chance to sit down the flagship of Dell Technologies transformation story – Pivotal. Joining the conversation was not only Pivotal but a Pivotal Customer, Express Scripts. We were joining by:

·       James Watters, Senior Vice President of Product at Pivotal

·       Brian Gregory, Directory of Cloud Strategy and Engineering at Express Scripts

·       Andrew Clay Shafer, Senior Director of Technology at Pivotal

We speak with James, Brian, and Andrew about the need for a platform which helps increase the business value of applications by changing the developer experience. By using a Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a platform Express Scripts is able to change the developer experience all while delivering business results quicker with better resiliency.  We dig into Brian’s reasons for choosing to buy a platform rather than build one and what you can do today to accelerate the journey to a cloud-native world with Pivotal.

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Is VMUG still independent? - CTO Advisor 051

What seems like big news for Dell Communities ended up being controversial news for the VMware User Group (VMUG). Dell announced changes to Dell user group programs to more closely follow the massively successful VMUG. Some members didn't see it that way. I believe it's due to the angst surrounding the merger of Dell and EMC. Dell is now and server and storage company. VMware is all about bringing more value from your infrastructure. The question we all asked, will VMware change as a result. So, I can understanding sensitivity surrounding any changes surrounding VMUG. 

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Dockercon 17 in review - The CTO Advisor Podcast 50

There's a lot packed in this 30-min episode. Tyler Britten rejoins the podcast with myself and new co-host Mark May to review Dockercon 2017. Wide ranging topics include 

  • AWS vs. Docker 
  • Understanding container orchestration and management 
  • Containers as the foundation of Platform as a Service 
  • Docker's announcement around open source 
  • Running monolithic applications in containers 
  • And more! 


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Digital transformation's impact on the CTO and CIO roles - CTO 047

I'm joined by enterprise executive Mark May as we discuss the impact of digital transformation on the CIO and CTO roles. Is the CIO role morphing or converging into the COO role? What's the impact downstream on architects and operations? What are some practical next steps for technologists to keep up with the convergence of business and technology? 

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@PunchingClouds talks leaving VMware for Cohesity - CTO Advisor 046

I'm going to be honest. I've more or less ignored Cohesity. I've categorized the platform as a scaleout Data Domain. In a TechRepublic blog post, I wrote about how to use Cohesity as a replacement target for backup. Interesting to a point. My friend and former Principal VMware Architect Rawlinson Rivera announced he was leaving VMware's Office of the CTO for Cohesity. 

Rawlinson is now the Global Field CTO for Cohesity. If not the face of vSAN, Rawlinson birthed CaptainVSAN. I've had him on the podcast before talking about the enterprise mission critical features of VSAN. 

To be honest, I've written Cohesity and the market off as just another set of  backup focused solutions. Rawlinson has the reputation of bringing to birth compelling technologies and a proven product evangelist. I wanted to know what in Cohesity the company and market clawed him away from VMware. That's today's conversation. 

The Software Defined Data Center isn't a Monolith - CTO041

As I do often, I found myself in a great Twitter conversation. This time it was if OpenStack is needed if you are pursuing a container only strategy. It evolved into a conversation around if the Software-Defined Data Center has a single pane of glass for management or even a single API for consumption. I'm joined by Eric Wright and we discuss the future of the software-defined data center. 

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What exactly is software-defined - CTO039

Every vendor is claiming their solution is software-defined. Does just having software enough to make something software defined  As engineers focused on building software-defined infrastructures, myself, Josh Atwell and Mark May, we debate what's software-defined. What are the characteristics of software-defined and the benefits. 

Honorable mention goes out to Rawlinson Rivera and Jack Poller for having the original conversation during dinner at Interop. The Jalapeno Octopus was excellent! 

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EMC VirtuStream Interview - CTO037

I sat down with EMC’s President of Cloud Platform, Brian Gallagher for this special one-on-one interview during EMCWorld. Brian leads the Virtrustream team within EMC. Brian helped shed light on the following topics.

  • The expansion of Virtustream services

  • EMC’s role with Devops (warning EMC believes in Bi-modal IT)

  • Integration of Traditional and non-traditional development teams

  • The role of EMC Code


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