The Software Defined Data Center isn't a Monolith - CTO041

As I do often, I found myself in a great Twitter conversation. This time it was if OpenStack is needed if you are pursuing a container only strategy. It evolved into a conversation around if the Software-Defined Data Center has a single pane of glass for management or even a single API for consumption. I'm joined by Eric Wright and we discuss the future of the software-defined data center. 

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What exactly is software-defined - CTO039

Every vendor is claiming their solution is software-defined. Does just having software enough to make something software defined  As engineers focused on building software-defined infrastructures, myself, Josh Atwell and Mark May, we debate what's software-defined. What are the characteristics of software-defined and the benefits. 

Honorable mention goes out to Rawlinson Rivera and Jack Poller for having the original conversation during dinner at Interop. The Jalapeno Octopus was excellent! 

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EMC VirtuStream Interview - CTO037

I sat down with EMC’s President of Cloud Platform, Brian Gallagher for this special one-on-one interview during EMCWorld. Brian leads the Virtrustream team within EMC. Brian helped shed light on the following topics.

  • The expansion of Virtustream services

  • EMC’s role with Devops (warning EMC believes in Bi-modal IT)

  • Integration of Traditional and non-traditional development teams

  • The role of EMC Code


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Built.IO eliminating API Lock-in - CTO034

I'm joined by Built.IO director of evangelism Kurt Collins. I and Kurt have been meaning to connect for a few months. Built.IO is looking to simplify using API's across multiple services and reduce or eliminate API lock-in. We discuss the risk of API lock-in and how Built solution helps to limit the risk. 

As a bonus we discuss Facebook bots and the future of connected cities.


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Serverless & IBM Cloud - CTO033

In this episode I'm joined by the person I have some of the most interesting Twitter discussion. I've known Tyler Brittin for a few years now. We've had some epic conversations about how we both agree that infrastructure doesn't offer value to the business. However, infrastructure is needed. We discuss the value prop of Bluebox and how it fits into IBM's cloud strategy. We spend the bulk of our time talking about serverless computing and go a little deep into how the sausage is made for serverless computing interacts with solutions such as Openstack. 

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Crypto to Cosmo - CTO031

How many enterprise tech podcasts can checkoff interviewing a woman who takes on programing during maternity leave, digs deep into cryptography and got featured in Cosmo? To boot my guest Christina Morrillo is also a VP of Risk & Security for a leading financial services and is a community leader for Women of Color in Tech Chat (#WOCinTECH). 

The conversation is all over the place from what's hot in security to the efforts to elevate women of color in the tech industry and the journey to being featured in Cosmo. 

Show Notes

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Follow the Geeks - CTO030

It's all about the future of tech careers. Some say the current generation will have 5 jobs through their life while our children will have 5 jobs at a time. Careers are changing and enterprise IT practitioners have to change as well. 

In this episode I'm joined by TechRepublic's Editor Jason Hiner. (Disclaimer: I'm a contributor to TechRepublic). Jason and Lindsey Gilpin follow the careers of 10 well known technologist. Each of whom needed to pivot their career. Each person became an entrepreneur through basically requirement. 

I and Jason have a wide ranging conversation about some of the subjects of the book and lessons for enterprise IT practitioners. 

Show Notes 

Follow the Geeks Book website

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EMC DSSD Shared Persistent Memory - CTO029

EMC made a big deal of their DSSD product announcement. But, EMC makes a big deal out of every product announcement. Chad Sakac wrote his normal verbose post on the topic. To help digest the announcement I invited industry expert Howard Marks. How helps break down the technology and potential use cases. We also talk about other persistent memory technologies and why they haven't taken off. 

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Lesson from the SMB IT trenches - CTO028

Not every organization is a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company. A majority of the market is small and medium business (SMB). SMBs have some of the same challenges as large enterprises without the huge IT budget. I like to look back at the market for ideas of working around budget constraints. I talk with Sonia Cuff who runs a SMB managed service provider about the challenges faced by the SMB market. 

Show notes/highlights 

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