Re-play of Severless Webinar

So, you missed the webinar on serverless? Or you participated and you wanted to review the content. I created a 23-min version of the 45-min webinar. A reminder, serverless has servers. The primary difference is that the context switches to developers. In serverless platforms such as Functions as a Service (FaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), it's about the developer's perspective. If the developer only needs to concern themselves with the code, then by definition it's serverless. If the developers must worry about containers and container orchestration then it's no longer a serverless platform. 

What about operations? Well watch the webinar and learn more about the operator's view. 

00:35 - Introduction
01:00 - There are severs in Serverless
01:40 - Developers, Developers, Developers
02:53 - Functions are the foundation
05:10 - The challenge with containers
06:50 - The types of Serverless
10:13 - DNS - an example of microservices
13:32 - An example Lambda Serverless Application
13:09 - Where is the code
21:12 - Closeout