The CTO Advisor’s content is slanted toward the hybrid IT landscape. The coverage area includes the integration points of the private data center, public cloud, and software as a service. Enterprise IT shops will have some form of data center operations for the foreseeable future. As a reinforcement of this concept, VMware and Google recently announced a partnership where VMware vSphere will be available on-demand within Google’s Cloud infrastructure. Hybrid-IT isn’t about a location but a way of managing private and public resources.

Things will only move faster from this point. The CTO Advisor will launch a newsletter focused on the current events around hybrid-IT. We’ll take at news from traditional IT companies such as VMware, HPE, DELL, and Cisco. We’ll also cover AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure. More importantly, we’ll dissect the integration of the old and the new and to help subscribers navigate the complexity of hybrid-IT. Subscribe to the newsletter to start receiving roll-up every Monday.