Data protection and big data - CTO Advisor Podcast 093

How does Big Data impact your data protection strategy? Just as important, how does your data protection strategy fit into your data management strategy. Keith has mentioned the concept that compute has an opposing gravity to data. How does compute's gravity impact big data? Mark and Keith have on the CTO of startup Imanis Data to discuss why the data protection segment has seen so much investment. What are investors seeing that someone who hasn't looked at their backup strategy in two years doesn't? 

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Quietly Judging with Amy Lewis - CTO Advisor 091

Quietly judging our way into this week's CTO Advisor Podcast, this week's guest is Amy Lewis of The Geek Whisperers fame. This is a dual posted podcast as it's the first VirtualizedGeek episode as we begin talking careers over on We've often wondered about Amy's career journey. She went from publishing to being a Marketing Director at a large publically traded software company. How did she make the jump? What advice can she give to others wanting to make a similar jump? 

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Facemelting w/Chad Sakac Pt. 2 - The CTO Advisor Podcast

In the 2nd half of the conversation, we hit it right off from the business. Chad Sakac could chose to lead another business. Why did he decide to take an individual contributor role at Pivotal. What's so special about the opportunity at Pivotal? 

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Show Notes:

  • 7:00 - Forget Dell Tech... Who's interesting 
  • 10:00 - Functions, Serverless, Containers and PaaS 
  • 13:00 - The challenge of changing culture for serverless (NYT CTO Podcast Episode)
  • 15:00 - Learning a new way to code 


Facemelting w/Chad Sakac Pt.1 - The CTO Advisor Podcast 088

We finally got Chad Sakac on the podcast. It only took Chad taking a role at Pivotal to get him on. As with his blog, Chad can run a little long so we split the conversation into two episodes. The first episode focuses on the growth and customer demand for HCI. 

Show Notes

  • 3:30 - Facemelting numbers from the DellEMC Converged business 
  • 7:00 - Customers want HCI
  • 11:15 - What's the market for VxBLOCK when HCI is a rocketship? 
  • 12:30 - SAP HANA on HCI vs. CI 
  • 16:00 - Sometimes we don't care about vendor certification 
  • 18:30 - The importance of software vs. hardware


CTO Advisor 086: Behind the scenes with Mrs. CTO Advisor

We've been promising to do a behind the scenes look at the CTO Advisor and let you in on the private side of the business. The CTO Advisor is a family owned endeavor with Keith and Melissa Townsend at the helm. What were some of the challenges in starting and running a business as husband and wife. What were some of the expected experiences of running the CTO Advisor vs. the reality? Great raw conversation between the founders of The CTO Advisor. 

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Update on Dell Technologies - W/Howard Marks

Keith, Mark and Howard Marks are all headed to Dell Technologies world. After the $57B purchase of EMC, what are the three impressions of Dell Technologies post-acquisition? The three debate if there's an argument for an all Dell Technologies stack vs. Public Cloud. 

Show Notes 

2:30 - Defining Dell Technologies. 

5:30 - Dissecting DellEMC 

10:00 - Does DellEMC have a different mission than EMC 

11:30 - The new ScaleIO strategic direction and Software-Defined Storage 

13:30 - Nutanix' software only position vs. DellEMC 

16:00 - The impact of the death of DellEMC Code (Mark calls BS on Dell's open source strategy) 

18:00 - Is VMware better on Dell hardware? 

19:00 - NetApp's messaging vs. DellEMC messaging on developers. 

22:00 - Complexity in DellEMC vs. VMware customer relationship. Does Dell Technologies now have the same problem as a pre-spinout HPE and a current Cisco? 

24:30 - Is Dell too big to find solutions to customer problems? 

26:30 - Is the Dell acquisition of EMC good or bad for the customer? 

29:00 - Is there an argument for an all Dell Technologies stack vs. Public Cloud? 


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VMware SDWAN Strategy - CTO Advisor 083

VMware landed into the network space with NSX. Now the company is expanding into SDWAN by acquiring Velocloud. In this replay of a CTO Dose, Keith sits down and talks to VMware's VP and CTO of Network Security Business Unit Pere Monclus. Keith asks about VMware's plans for Velocloud and future integration with VMware NSX. 

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Originally posted on as a video. 

Uila - Bridging the gap between infrastructure and application management

In this sponsored episode, Keith and Mark talk with Uila CEO Chia-Chee Kuan about the Uila performance monitoring tool. While at AWS reInvent, the CTO Advisor team noted the number of application monitoring solutions. The reason for the growth in the space is the complexity of hybrid-cloud infrastructure on monitoring performance that drives business results. Keith and Mark ask Kuan how Uila adds value to the business and how the solution is packaged and works. 

Show Notes

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Where do you start your cloud-native journey - CTO Dose 78

VMware's VP of Software Defined, Dom Delfino (@domfather) joins the podcast to talk where organizations should start their cloud journey. Dom answers challenges questions about where VMware plays a role in traditional infrastructure while keeping an eye on cloud-native applications. Dom provides career advice for architects stuck on the legacy side of infrastructure. 

Defining Private Cloud w/Greg Knieriemen - CTO Dose 077

Former Speaking in Tech host Greg Knieriemen, joins the podcast. Greg is known as an emphatic defender of Private Cloud. I've said Private Cloud is dead. I, Greg and Mark agree for the most part. Where's the delta? In this podcast we define Private Cloud and opine on the state of the industry and what customers want when asking for Private Cloud. 

The power of community in enterprise IT - CTO Advisor 076

Matt Broberg VP of Community at monitoring startup Sensu joins the podcast to talk the value of community in helping achieve professional growth and reaching enterprise IT goals. I there a way to measure the return of investing in a community? Is there a difference between developers and infrastructure teams? Matt talks about the value of communities such as VMware User Groups and developer communities. How are communities in Portland different than communities in Cincinnati? 

Show Notes 

The Sphere - The random podcast that we do at conferences. 

Intro to Machine Learning w Sam Charrington - CTO Dose 074

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) is the new hot technology inside the Valley and out. We are joined by ML expert and This Week in Machine Learning (TWiML) host Sam Charrington educates me and Mark on the basics of ML, the use cases, dataset, algorithms and cloud services.

Show Notes

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Serverless is bigger than Cloud - NY Times CTO - CTO Advisor 073

New York Times CTO, Nick Rockwell, joins Keith and Mark to talk about the big bet New York Times is making on Serverless. Nick believes serverless is a bigger shift in computing than Cloud computing. The belief is so strong, Rockwell made the bet on a Serverless architecture for the New York Times Crossword (Built on App Engine) application. 

Show Highlights 

  • 02:30 - Define Serverless 
  • 04:10 - Serverless vs. Containers 
  • 10:00 - Crosswords app
  • 13:00 - Culture change required 
  • 15:30 - Where executives should lean in 

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