Where do you start your cloud-native journey - CTO Dose 78

VMware's VP of Software Defined, Dom Delfino (@domfather) joins the podcast to talk where organizations should start their cloud journey. Dom answers challenges questions about where VMware plays a role in traditional infrastructure while keeping an eye on cloud-native applications. Dom provides career advice for architects stuck on the legacy side of infrastructure. 

Defining Private Cloud w/Greg Knieriemen - CTO Dose 077

Former Speaking in Tech host Greg Knieriemen, joins the podcast. Greg is known as an emphatic defender of Private Cloud. I've said Private Cloud is dead. I, Greg and Mark agree for the most part. Where's the delta? In this podcast we define Private Cloud and opine on the state of the industry and what customers want when asking for Private Cloud. 

The power of community in enterprise IT - CTO Advisor 076

Matt Broberg VP of Community at monitoring startup Sensu joins the podcast to talk the value of community in helping achieve professional growth and reaching enterprise IT goals. I there a way to measure the return of investing in a community? Is there a difference between developers and infrastructure teams? Matt talks about the value of communities such as VMware User Groups and developer communities. How are communities in Portland different than communities in Cincinnati? 

Show Notes 

The Sphere - The random podcast that we do at conferences. 

Intro to Machine Learning w Sam Charrington - CTO Dose 074

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) is the new hot technology inside the Valley and out. We are joined by ML expert and This Week in Machine Learning (TWiML) host Sam Charrington educates me and Mark on the basics of ML, the use cases, dataset, algorithms and cloud services.

Show Notes

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Serverless is bigger than Cloud - NY Times CTO - CTO Advisor 073

New York Times CTO, Nick Rockwell, joins Keith and Mark to talk about the big bet New York Times is making on Serverless. Nick believes serverless is a bigger shift in computing than Cloud computing. The belief is so strong, Rockwell made the bet on a Serverless architecture for the New York Times Crossword (Built on App Engine) application. 

Show Highlights 

  • 02:30 - Define Serverless 
  • 04:10 - Serverless vs. Containers 
  • 10:00 - Crosswords app
  • 13:00 - Culture change required 
  • 15:30 - Where executives should lean in 

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Is the storage industry dying? CTO Advisor 072

Howard Marks joins us this week to talk about the current state of the storage industry. With challenges from HCI vendors and Public Cloud, Keith asks both Howard and Mark if the storage industry is dying. If it's not dying when do data center managers select HCI vs. Cloud vs. SAN? Great conversation on how data gravity impacts design decisions. 

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Data protection at AWS re:Invent - CTO Advisor 071

Podcast sponsorer Druva Inc joins the CTO Advisor again to discuss data protection during AWS re:Invent. Druva is a born in the cloud data protection solution. AWS re:Invent is about enabling builders to solve problems. Keith asks Druva Sales Engineer Jesse Kachapis how does data protection help builders solve business problems. Additional questions about how Druva is different from traditional or new generation data protection systems. 

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Bare metal vSphere on Azure - CTO Advisor 069

Microsoft announced support for bare metal vSphere on Azure. This is exactly what we all expected when VMware announced VMware Cloud on AWS, right? Well not exactly. VMware Clooud on AWS is a partnership between VMware and AWS. Microsoft didn't partner with VMware in engineering a solution specifically for Azure. Little is known about the offering outside of the blog post. We called on cloud expert Timmy Carr to help provide some context around vSphere inside of hyperscale cloud providers. 

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CTO Advisor 068: CommVault HyperScale

I'm joined by Scott Lowe of AcutalTech Media, Justin Warren from PivotNine and Ray Lucchesi from Silverton Consulting. We are on the show floor of CommVault Go. That's right I said, CommVault Go. First off I got the amazing opportunity to meet Captain Sullenberger who famously landing a jetliner on the Hudson River. So, it was a cool event despite being a backup conference. 

Secondarily, don't call it backup. Data protection and data management has become an hot area of investment. Look no further than our show sponsor Durva Inc. CommVault is looking to catch some of the magic from Rubrik and Cohesity eating into Data Domain sells. This all-star team of analysts holds nothing back in questioning if CommVault's new flagship product, Hyperscale, adds value. 

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CTO Advisor 066: Datos IO is more than data protection

A continued trend we've been addressing is a market we've called data protection to this point. However, data protection is only a starting use case. Keith and Mark sit down with Prasenjit Sarkar, CTO of Datos IO. Datos IO makes the claim that their de-duplication is 10X more efficient than their competitors. But, what does that mean in practical terms. 

  • 1:40 - How has application development changed? 
  • 5:50 - How has the changes to application development impacted data protection? 
  • 8:20 - Compute is as heavy as data 
  • 13:00 - How is Datos IO any different than their competitors? 
  • 18:20 - Real world example of how Datos IO is different than other solutions
  • 20:00 - 10X de-duplication efficiency 
  • 21:40 - Recovering to any cloud 

Show Notes 

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CTO Advisor 65 - Defining the enterprise architect

Keith and Mark are joined by to senior level enterprise architects in the VMware community. While recorded at a VMware User Group UserCon, the focus is on the practice of enterprise architecture.  The content is relatable across IT functional areas. Keith and Mark explore what value enterprise architects bring, what makes a good enterprise architect and what's good enterprise architecture. 

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CTO Advisor 063: Can enterprise IT adapt? w/Kelsey Hightower

Google's Kelsey Hightower joins the podcast for a reality check for enterprise IT. Keith and Mark ask the question, "Can enterprises adapt" to the quickly changing technology landscape? Do organizations have the budget and aptitude for navigating the disruption. Kelsey gives a pretty blunt assessment. Kelsey claims debates around issues such as CI/CD are now over. Kelsey shares his vision of the relation containers, the cloud, and business value. 

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CTO Advisor 062 - What's so exciting about data protection w/Druva

Data protection startup Druva is coming fresh off a $80M investment. Another data protection startup won Best of VMworld. What is it about this market that has investors and judges excited? What's more to data protection than backing data up to some tapeless media. Hasn't products such as Datadomain provided all the innovation needed in this space? 

In this sponsored podcast, Druva's CMO Matthew Morgan joins the CTO Advisor live from VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas. Matt sheds light on this growing market. Keith and Mark ask the who, what and how of not just the market but the Druva platform. What's so exciting about backup?

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CTO Advisor 061 - Lift and Shift Cloud Migrations

Packet Pushers Co-Founder Greg Ferro joins The CTO Advisor for an extended conversation on lift and shift migrations to the cloud. Keith and Greg shares the risks (People, Process and Technology) associated with traditional data center migrations that have similar infrastructure designs and footprints. The conversation moves on to the associated risks of migrating unmodified applications to the cloud. 

Is lift and shift a less expensive model than on-premises datacenter? What about sunk cost around licensing, hardware and facilities? Greg once said that only poor companies go to the cloud. Does that opinion still hold true? What about VMware Cloud on AWS? 

Show Notes 

  • Packet Pushers Human Infrastructure Newsletter 
  • Keith's blog post on Lift and Shift two VMware Cloud on AWS

CTO Advisor 059 - VMware Cloud on AWS with Kit Colbert

I and Mark sat down with VMware's Cloud CTO Kit Colbert. Much of the excitement around VMworld 2017 was the announcement of general availability of VMware Cloud on AWS. Kit addresses some use cases and answers the question, "Doesn't this just make developers lazy?" Mark asks the basic question of can users simply vMotion a workload between on-prem and cloud. Kit also discusses tooling and operations. 

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