CTO Daily Dose - Impact of Equifax hack on the entire IT industry

Every few years there are external events that change the course of an entire industry. When Sarbanes and Oxley (SOX) was introduced, an entire industry spawned as a result. When Target was breached, company board of directors started to mandate "micro-segmentation" projects. Similarly, the Equifax hack will impact the attention information security and IT receive from the highest levels of the business. 

CTO Daily Dose - What is digital transformation?

Coming out of VMworld 2017, I was reminded of the frustration when a technical executive hears the words "digital transformation." A common refrain was, "doesn't every business use technology?" It's a similar argument to "software-defined." Isn't all hardware software-defind by nature? I take a stab at explaining digital transformation and giving an example of how digital transformation doesn't prevent disruption. 

CTO Daily Dose - Build vs. buying the innovation to power digital transformation

In enterprise IT we understand optimization well. The cycle of innovate then optimize is well understood. However, digital transformation is presenting a new challenge to the enterprise. The types of technologies needed to power digital transformation are fluid and complex. The model of buying this technology from vendors and then optimizes is broken. 

CTO Daily Dose - Edge compute to eat cloud?

First off, trying a new studio setup. Let me know which setup you prefer, the physical white board or the virtual screen shown today. With IoT data, there's a belief that edge computing will reverse the trends of cloud computing in the enterprise. I address to strategies for moving the cloud closer to the edge.