Don't call it back up

I'm coming fresh off CommVault Go. That's right CommVault Go. Sure there as DreamForce 2017, Nutanix Next and a number of other enterprise conferences the same week not to mention the Silicon Valley VMUG UserCon. I had at least one other invite to attend conferences other than CommVault Go. So, why a backup show? 

Justin Warren from PivotNine best described it. CommVault is not the same solution from just a few short years ago. The interface is better but more importantly, they've begun to make the shift to data management vs. backup. CommVault's HyperScale solution brings their traditional software to a scale-out architecture based on Redhat Cluster File System. It's an interesting way to compete against the Rubrik's of the world while still supporting solutions such as Data Domain and Cohesity. 

Is Platform as a Service serverless? It depends.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions ranging from public cloud options such as Azure and AWS to private cloud options such as Cloud Foundry offer a tempting proposition. Developers focus on code relieving any burden of understanding or managing the underlying infrastructure. So, that makes PaaS serverless, correct? What about Functions as a Service (FaaS). Much of the talk has been around Lambda and event-driven compute. How is that different from PaaS?

The Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF) Serverless working group had a great debate around the topic. Representatives from AWS and open source project teams debated if FaaS is fundamentally any different than PaaS platforms such as CF if operation teams still must deal with the underlying infrastructure. You can listen/watch the debate on youtube

Today’s CTO Daily Does tackles that larger question. However, The CTO Advisor Serverless webinar tackles the topic deeper. Register for this deep dive webinar now.

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CTO Daily Dose - Integrating closed and opened systems

During Techfield Day 15 (TFD15) Cisco systems presented on two major concepts. The first, integrating Kubernetes with Cisco ACI. The second, adopting OpenConfig to manage Service Provider WAN (SP-WAN). The overall theme is the concept of integrating open source solutions for traditional closed solutions and the value. Some of the delegates walked away understanding this is a confused market. Cisco along with customers are still figuring out what hybrid-source environments interoperate and are managed. 

CTO Daily Dose - Enterprise Cloud Data Strategy with Druva

There has been an incredible amount of invest around Cloud-focused data protection companies. Some companies call it secondary. Whatever it’s called enterprise architects must get a handle around their data strategy. It's one of the concepts that kept me up at night. I was always worried. An area where infrastructure has a direct impact on digital transformation. I’m joined with podcast sponsor Druva Inc and discuss the many use cases of this growing area of data protection.

CTO Daily Dose - Impact of Equifax hack on the entire IT industry

Every few years there are external events that change the course of an entire industry. When Sarbanes and Oxley (SOX) was introduced, an entire industry spawned as a result. When Target was breached, company board of directors started to mandate "micro-segmentation" projects. Similarly, the Equifax hack will impact the attention information security and IT receive from the highest levels of the business.